The thump, and oddness in my chest. Like the worlds largest beat, and then an ache. This elusive ‘thing’ had been there for as long as I can remember. It would usually do it’s thing when I was going flat out and eased up. Not even stopped, just backed off – like an engine running over rich popping and burbling. It’s a jolt, a thumb, a hiccup, something you entirely cannot miss.

Now and then it would be a pervasive thing, and I would end back up in hospital being prodded or poked. Halter monitor, Bloods, Echo, ECG, Consultant, with the occasional ramp test to see if they could provoke it. Nope. Equally, it seemed to cure it magically – no amount of common triggers would catch it on the halter. These attempts even included an Open TT thrown in for good measure. Nothing. Zero.

They put it down to ectopic beats. Nothing to worry about. Do the things, and this will not harm you. So I did.

Until the next time, and the next time, then things changed.

Time passes, and here I am with Atrial Fibrillation / Flutter diagnosis. These days it has changed. It has become the harbinger of doom akin to sparkly lights before migraines. The big thumps are gone, and the single event replaced with a groups of misfires, smaller, misformed ventricular contractions back to back. They feel more like bubbles. Bubbles that I can feel in my throat and neck as well as my chest.

Due to the wonder of technology I can now capture them. Here is one I prepared earlier. No fun. No fun at all:

Things like this tell my head, and body to take it real easy for a few days, and to avoid the repercussions.

Beware the thump. No rhyme, no reason. No obvious cause. It just is.

Today is one of those days.




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