Glancing down at the pint in front of me – and the sudden shuddering realisation that one year ago – weather aside – people aside I appear to be replaying by three day August Bank Holiday Weekend.

– Caffeinated Coffee – check.

– Beer – check.

– Been riding – hard – check.

– Similar two days before – check.

– Lacking in sleep – check.

Throw in a swim, and a lack of heat and this seems to be a carbon copy of the year before… the exception being the lack of a life-changing night in A&E.

So – in the last year – I have:

– An overnight in the hospital;

– Cardiologist. Twice;

– All but stopped riding;

– Stopped drinking;

– Stopped drinking caffeine;

– Adjusted to medications;

..and watch the issues go away.

Six months pass, and the issues come back again. More often, less sustained. Back with examples, times, EKG’s.

– Different cardiologist;

– Referral to an electrophysiologist;

– Increase in dosages;

– Anti coagulants;

– Limited caffeine intake again;

– Drinking returns;

– Discover Cardiac Athletes;

– Ablation cancelled;

– Start structured riding plan;

– Start structured swimming plan;

– Ablation pending.

That has been quite the adventure.

Here I am. A year on – what a change.

From treading on eggshells to an understanding and respect.

Moreover – a great weekend – with the people I love, doing the things I love, and nothing more. What more could you ask for?

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