The big day was upon me – D Day for the ablation – pulmonary¬†vein isolation (PVI). A bit of light welding while up on the ramp. Jokes. Dark humour. Deflection. Self-deprecation. Lighthearted. Distraction…. a regular day-in-the-office for me ūüėČ

Quiet acceptance that if anything was going to go wrong it was out of my control, and generally speaking this is what I needed, this is what I needed, and I was fully aware of the “greener grass” I had been waiting for had to be managed.

Everything is going super well. Calm. Time. Questions answered. Minimized stress and conscious punctures.

Any other time I have¬†been put under I have gone into a room, been put asleep and not seen the place IT, whatever it was, was going to happen. Oh no, there I am stood there in my hospital gown, slippers, chatting away to a guy in front¬†of a giant TV when I realise that no, no, see all this…¬† this CSI lab meets network lab meets workshop… it is for me. GOOD GOD.

If there was something I would change of this process is letting people know that.


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