Six Months On

Six months came around and it was time to head back to the cardiologist.

My main two questions were:

– Resting heart rate is up;
– Ectopic beats, clusters of them.

My resting has gone from 45 to 60 – that is a lot. For someone who notices the beat of their heart that is something you notice.

Likewise, the sensation of the fish flopping around inside your chest is one that strikes fear into me. So random extra beats, that feeling like one huge beat – its not great. Not great at all.

Apparently, damage to the vagus nerve is all part of the process – so the heart may rest faster, and misfires may still occur but are nothing to worry about (easier said than done right?). He was – in a word – pleased with his work.

Signed off – discharged – done – chapter closed.

Thank you.

Now to do something with it.

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