Resting Pulse

Day 23 now after the ablation – and my resting pulse is still very much higher than it was.

Through the wonder that is beta blockers, my usual resting pulse even unfit as I am at the moment dropped from 45-50 down to 40-45.

Following the ablation, this was initially closer to 80bpm and has since sunk closer to 60.

Another way of putting this is “double” and “50% higher“.

A further observation would be that it goes up at night – peaking near 80 and coming back down for the morning… I am guessing this has something to do with blood pressure?

Checking in with the cardiac nurse, rhythm nurse, and the electrophysiologist – this is apparently not unusual.

While it seems scary high for someone who is used to laying in bed at night and listening to the slow metronomic action of the heart to help them sleep it is perfectly normal.

The initial “you should be good within the week” … that became the “start exercising properly after 3 weeks”… that became¬† “allow six months for the scarring to clear up“.

Am I fussed? Well its “not me” – but right here now this seems like more than a fair trade….¬†having not once lost sync since the PVI ablation.


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