Fine. Not fine.

Cardiac ablation now a few days behind me. Recovery is underway. The hole in my groin – about the size of my little finger – has failed to saturate its dressing over the last 24 hours, and the rather unfortunately timed ‘tummy bug’ has subsided, allowing me to venture from a world outside the bounds of the toilet or duvet.

Suddenly the advantage of such a ‘keyhole’ operation is crystal clear – I feel – outwardly – normal.

Sure – there is the dull ache in my chest, and there is something wrong with my throat – but otherwise – we are good here – right?

Liberating huh? Sure. If this is a fix and freedom from medication, this is a great success.

So yeah, a week of taking it easy they said. Noted. But I feel fine.

Pressing on with breakfast prep, put on some washing, jump in the shower – oh – oh my – there we are – there is the limit. A pressure and a very dull heavy ache spread across my chest.

I appear to have found my limits. I am fine. Not fine.
A week clearly means a week.
I will be a good patient.

It is almost like they have done this before. Pffffft…. what do they know 😉

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