When the medication stops…

Returning to box to pull another blister pack and ‘the cupboard was bare‘ – ah – okay. Of all the weeks to cease medication – this was a real doozy. I wasn’t just looking for today’s dose, but I was heading off to start a new job so needed two weeks up front…. stress++ . Wow. Okay – if I can do this – I can do ANYTHING. … and so I did.

Post-ablation the medication continued to keep a chemical throttle on both ends of the pulse range, general boxy away any stress or adrenal reactions, and minimise the chances of any loss of rhythm throwing sizeable clots, or the scarring from contributing to blockages.

Two months is yet to roll around – but if the boxes are empty then its time to stop and take stock. The biggest impact was going to be the cessation of beta blockers – suppressing the para/sympathetic system – keeping the world on an even keel when flight or flight wants to move the heart out of the gate and into reheat. Good job this is a low stress week right? …. Oh no, wait one…… .

The week has come and gone, and it has been fabulous – both in terms of the new employer (yay!), and heart issues:

Pain: It is also to easy to think/say “I have pains in my chest” – however, in reality, these are pains that come, you note them, and then they drift away again. I am healing.

Rhythm: Have I lost sync this week? No. Simple as. Not that I am aware of. Events sure – but nothing

HRV: Averaging around 13ms as opposed to the more usual 10 – but a WORLD away of preoperative 40 to 110ms.

Resting: Still going down from the shocking 80bpm post ablation – and hovering around the lesser mortal 60bpm mark for the time being – so half way there I guess.

Ectopics: Yes. Many. Obvious triggers, but most notably calming down after the day – the reduction in stress – particularly after food, or (*cough*) drink.

Exercise: Fail. A lot more walking that usual, which is nice. Fresh mornings, dry enough. New scenery to take in. Equally trying to jump-start a car with colleagues – that kind of zero to go effort would have previously been a non-starter. Plans to swim to avoid long empty evenings have been a pointless exercise as the evenings have been full! I cannot wait to get back home to swim and more specifically ride. So no real feedback on that – as in theory the chemical throttle limits on high and low are gone and my nor/adrenal and para/sympathetic system can do its shizzle again for the first time in a year… yeah… think about that for a moment – A YEAR. That is a lot of throttling

/me looks down at now huge belly.

In summary – “welcome to the deep end” … and I am distinctly waving as opposed to anything more sinister. A fine reflection on my cardiologist and electrophysiologist.

My next review is in a months time. My goal beyond there is simple enough – I used to win an annual award for cyclist who was “riding above my ability” – that – this is where my sites are firmly set. Bring on the staged progression. A review in a months time, and the first event in the New Year : )

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  • Thank you for writing all of this — I’m both a weaker cyclist (5 mile commute each way) and have fewer heart problems (angina, repaired with a stent, I hope) but I’m trying to understand what the various meds are doing and your experience is invaluable.

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