Important Stuff

I am not a doctor. I am not a cardiologist. I am not an electrophysiologist.

I am an engineer. A typist. A fixer of things. A taker of pictures. A drawers of things. A rider of bikes. An ‘asker-of-why’…. and that is assuming it is a good day.

You should (obviously) in no way rely on the information given here, not even a bit. Hell no. You should use the medical resources you have at your disposal, intuition, and all the common sense you can summon. If, like me, you struggle with the grown-up things – then please refer to the first statement, medical help.

This is intended as a collection of thoughts that may be of use to other people, a comparing of notes, a one-man crowdsource, and most vitally an outlet for me.

Okay – here we are – understood? Good. Let’s press on then…