Overdoing it

Today the geese woke me up.

They had plenty to be honking about wherever they were flying.

I planned to get up and ride a 90 min interval session, but I fell back to sleep. God, I like sleeping. But no, geese.

So I got up jumped into some kit, fired up the laptop and headed out to the pain cave.

Flicking through – “need 60 mins”.

A couple of sessions further on a 20 minute FTP test over an hour… “that will do”.

Warm up is good, but holy craps – what is this – the ERG mode is off, and it switched to ramp, and the usual pushing against the resistance sees it ramp up to 500 watts. Erm, how about no? Floundering around trying to find my feet as it where I am clunking down through gears searching for something that I can generate a sustained effort at what resembles a consistent output. A whole bag of nopes and mountain lactate saw the five-minute window with a sub FTP effort (intended to be an effort above).

My lungs stung, my heart was pounding.

I sat out the 5 minute 100watt effort twiddling away – and then got off. That 20-minute effort at threshold is NOT going to be happening today.

Lessons learned.

РRide more. Build fitness. I am not magic. I have not been doing enough;

– ERG mode is great for uncomplicated intervals, Ramp mode, however, is brutal. Despite claiming to feel like “road” it feels like random pain. I need to do more of this;

– I have found where the limit of my ability is at the moment. It is, unsurprisingly lower.


None the less – need to do more of the getup-and-discomfort. It works mentally, and physically. I just have to need it enough.

Was it three times to be habit forming?

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